New Member Form


By clicking the box below you agree to the attached long description of terms and conditions for Provisional Membership in the Junior League of Long Island.

This agreement between the Junior League of Long Island and (your name) hereinafter designated as the “Provisional” provides that:

  1. The Junior League of Long Island will provide training for a career in voluntarism by:
    1. Creating and conducting a comprehensive Provisional Training Course;
    2. Educating the Provisional about the Junior League on local, regional, and national levels;
    3. Educating the Provisional about the impact of Junior League projects on our Community;
    4. Educating the Provisional in a variety of skills; and
    5. Providing an opportunity to interact with other women who have a common interest in voluntarism.
  2. The Provisional will satisfy the training opportunities of the Provisional Training Course by:
    1. A 30 minute Orientation Session with the Membership Development Team
    2. Satisfy the credit requirement for each of the eight core training subjects.

    *These training modules are to be completed within a 12-month period.

  1. Attend two General Membership Meetings (GMM)
  2. Submit payment for Provisional Fee of $20.00 (One-time payment)
  3. Submit payment for Membership Dues of $130.00
  4. Complete two League Project days of service.
  5. Thrift Shop Contribution – Volunteer hours and donation
  6. Fundraiser Support – Volunteer hours and attendance
  7. Attend a Placement Meeting at the completion of all other requirements.


I understand that at the time the Membership Development Team recommends me to the Junior League of Long Island Board of Directors as an Active member, my acceptance as an Active member will be contingent upon my fulfillment of this agreement. I further understand that if do not complete all of the above requirements, I will not be eligible for Active membership in the Junior League of Long Island.

About You:

We would like to get to know you better. This will enable us to place and enrich your membership experience. Please fill in the following information to be shared privately among our membership development and nominating placement team.

The Junior League of Long Island is an organization of trained volunteers.

We welcome input from our members and community in identifying future community projects.